Am 1. März vor zehn Jahren hat die ESA den Satelliten Envisat in Betrieb genommen. Seither sendet er uns wunderbare Bilder der Erde zur Erde.

George Steinmetz fliegt mit seinem Paraglider und macht dabei Fotos.

Über Afrika

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The airplane suite is intended for a luxury stay for two persons. You are not allowed to receive family, friends or acquaintances at the suite.
• For reasons of safety and hygiene, you are not allowed to bring pets.
• Your stay at the airplane is at your own risk.
• Guests will be charged for any damage to the airplane or its contents caused by guests. The same holds for damage caused by third parties.
• Many facilities are made available to you during your stay. A number of these facilities are for sale; you can request a price list. The luxury bathrobes made available to you, for instance, can be purchased for € 99 apiece. Should our final inspection show that any facilities - such as bathrobes, towels, DVDs, pantry inventory, etc – are missing, we will send you an invoice conformable to the applicable price list.
• Cancellations are free of charge up to 30 days prior to the reserved date. After this time, restitution is not possible.
• Smoking is not allowed in the aircraft.

Machen wir dem Chef mal eine Freude:

Ui ui ui

Ab Mittwoch Live-Berichterstattung aus Icland, görðu svo vel!

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