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World's Largest Basket:

World's Largest Basket Newark, Ohio

Address: 1500 East Main St., Newark, OH
Directions: On the south side of Hwy 16, east of town. Exit at either Dayton Rd (from the west) or E. Main St. (from the east) and proceed along E. Main St. to the basket.
Admission: Free.
Hours: Daylight, and illuminated at light. (Call to verify)
Phone: 740-322-5588

(Ach, und Herr Khathran: 2-x::yuv24g! Ich habe 50.)

Jaja, sie finde Apple nicht cool, ok. Aber Werbung können Sie machen, finde ich. Hier das subtile Beispiel der CNET "Windows Vista" Site. Gut platziert, schön gemacht!

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Auf Wiki: Storefront is a public forum that explores the worldwide progression of architecture through art exhibitions, film screenings and conferences to generate awareness about contemporary design. The facade of the gallery was designed with hinged panels that open or close to create different degrees of accessibility to the street and public. Its unique building for exhibition space was the result of a collaboration between architect Steven Holl and artist Vito Acconci in 1993.


Zum Jubiläum durfte sich ein Architekt austoben: One thousand PVC hula hoops have been used to make the Storefront Ring Dome Pavilion in Petrosino Park, in New York. The $3000 structure was built to mark the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s 25th anniversary, and was designed by Seoul-based practice Mass Studies.

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